Common Law Grand Jury Seminar Session 3

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Common Law Grand Jury Seminar Session 3 Jan 9, 2015

Hosted by Dr. Mario Jimenez

Speaker Roger Dowdel

Session Three  Common Law Grand Jury Forum Jan 9, 2015


  1. How the secret corporations run the courts.
  2. Who runs courts?
  3. How to discover evidence of corruption
  4. How to determine if you are in an admiralty court.
  5. How did judges get unaccountable?
  6. Common law operations here and now.
  7. Access to the Common Law Grand Jury.
  8. Dixie County, Florida case demonstrating corruption, lack of accountability and govt refusal to honor the Common Law Grand Jury
  9. Terry Trussel whistleblower prosecuted for exposing state bribery corruption.
  10. How is the govt outside the rule of law?
  11. Breach of contract?
  12. The Original Thirteenth Amendment: no nobility allowed in U.S government offices.

Common Law Grand Jury Seminar Session 3