About Sapphire Blues Band

The Sapphire Blues Band

Purpose driven Christian blues supporting Father rights, restoration of fathers to children and children to fathers, undo parental alienation torment of those who have no voice and no choice through our humble blues and jazz.

Hear the cry of these children see http://pas.avnetnews.net. We must ask ourselves what creates the 24.5 million orphans every year that never see their dads or the other parent.

Q: Who are the Saphire Blues Band?

A: We are anonymous. We are not looking for fame. We are not touring and don’t intend to. We hope to leave the world a better place with our music videos, challenging the listener to think beyond ourselves and our own limits. We are born again Christians who will to follow Jesus Christ whatever He says to do.

Q: Where’s the photos?

A: There are none. Probably will never be. We are anonymous, don’t wanna be famous, just do the right thing. Wanna be our groupie?…Sorry, get over it, we love you anyway :).

Christian Blues with an edgy something to say praising God and exposing fatherlessness, parental alienation and government tyranny:

Giving God the Blues” Project coming this spring… stay tuned for petal to the metal blues, blues rock, acoustic rock, the type your mother told you not to listen too: religion (actually not religion but Jesus Christ) and politics, designed to change the world, to leave in better shape then when we found it, or at least try.

Musicians Wanted – anonymous?

The Saphire Blues Band is looking for musicians:

  • Genre is blues, country, pentatonic with a jazz rock flavor.
  • The ideal talents include a technical ability to add tracks to recording projects for publishing via internet.
  • Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, organ, vocals, writers, producers, engineers and those who have a passion to speak out against political corruption and injustice.
  • Location is not important. The goal is to collaborate on recording projects, not touring. We will correspond electronically. You could conceivably live anywhere on the planet earth.
  • Must have an internet connection.

Our goals are:

  • This is Christian faith based music with a political – spiritual edge. We will most likely rub people the wrong way and make some enemies, so be prepared and get ready. We are here to be salt, not flour or pablum. This is not milk, but strong meat.
  • Not to tour or become famous, but to publish a message. We may remain anonymous… what concept? Income producing oportunities will come through airplay and sales.
  • purpose driven blues, to include giving those without a voice, a voice to be heard including political and spiritual issues.
  • To sing, write and talk about everything your mother told you not to talk about: politics and religion.
  • Any of you boomers, or wanna be boomers know how the music of the ’60’s changed the nation and changed history. If you love God, Jesus Christ and our country and have the passion to make a difference then LETS ROLL!
  • If you want to make music that makes a difference…then..

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