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Fact Based Math Science Prophetical Signs Solar Eclipse 2017?

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Fact Based Math Science Prophetical Signs Solar Eclipse 2017?


REGENESISRADIO SARASOTA 2017 – For those who think this eclipse is just another entertainment novelty, consider the following facts, then if you still think this eclipse on 8-21-2017 is another useless exercise in cosmological entertainment, either your wood is wet or you’re not paying attention.

I am not a prophetical expert nor a Hebrew scholar, I just have a passion to listen and understand the times and seasons:

  1. “Salem” in Hebrew is translated “Shalom” meaning peace and wholeness.


  1. Some insights gained from Rabbi / Prophet Curt Landry as follows, see also http://www.CurtLandry.com : Landry says, “judgment is the friend of those who seek the Lord (YaHoVaH)”..


  1. The 1st state the eclipse occurs in is Oregon. Salem, Oregon is one of the first states the eclipse occurs.  The last State the eclipse occurs in is Salem, South Carolina.


  1. Eight states total which the eclipse passes through have towns name “Salem”:
    1. Oregon
    2. Iowa
    3. Illinois
    4. Georgia
    5. Kentucky
    6. Missouri
    7. North Carolina
    8. South Carolina


  1. The eclipse enters Salem, Oregon and leaves Salem, South Carolina.


  1. Yeshua says He is the Alef and Tav or in Greek “The Alpha and Omega” – the First and the Last as Yeshua says in the Book of Revelation

2017 Solar Eclipse ReGenesisRadio.com

  1. The last Solar eclipse through the United States concluded in 1917, this Solar eclipse is 2017.


  1. Pastor Mark Biltz[1] expounds an excellent discourse on this 2017 Solar Eclipse in the little known context of the Hebrew scriptures:

These additional Resources will help add understanding to your search:

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Fact Based Math Science Prophetical Signs Solar Eclipse 2017

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[1] Mark Biltz, Messianic Pastor of http://Elshaddaiministries.us also spearheaded the profound expose of the “Four Blood Moons” occurring in 2014-2015.  His keen understanding of the Jewish culture, history and cosmology based on math and physical understanding brings us rare, fact based understandings  spanning the ages to the here and now political upheavals.