Florida Family Law Debacle of Biblical Proportions

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Florida Family Law Debacle of Biblical Proportions

By Gary Woodroffe and Glen Gibellina

Copyright with permission 2016

AVNETNEWS SARASOTA 2013.  A family law debacle of Biblical proportion:  The Twelfth Circuit of Sarasota suspends the drivers license on a 60 year old indigent dad for $82,000 for, contrived child support arrears: his home is in foreclosure, career of Information Technologies ruined, unemployable through defaming court orders, repeatedly, wrongfully convicted of felonies.

The Twelfth Circuit refuses to enforce constitutional protections, parental rights, court orders or rule of law regarding parenting time, the child’s vital information, child support guidelines remaining approximately ten times over legal limits since 2004, entirely impossible for dad to comply with.

The indigent dad ordered not to file any pleadings on his own behalf unless he retains an attorney; financially impossible.  He attempted unsuccessfully since 2006 to obtain employment, while declared indigent by State and Federal courts; verifying the impossibility of retaining an attorney terminating court access, citizenship, constitutional, parental rights, court orders and rule of law.

Yet, Dad received two letters from the DOR/CSE in 2006 and 2013 saying  a “downward modification is warranted.” The Florida Attorney General continues to defy reason, facts, laws and findings of the DOR continuing to enforce a court order contrary to law.

Dad says the family court has engaged in parental alienation, defamation, witness tampering, obstruction of justice, fraud upon the court, civil rights violations terminating his constitutional, parental rights, rule of law, court orders for visitation and orderly child support without due process, the opportunity to plead a defense or file pleadings.

This malfeasance on the part of our Attorney General calls for relief to hold those accountable who are oppressing and endangering Florida citizens. God help us.  See also http://Whydadsmatter.AVNetnews.net

Florida Family Law Debacle of Biblical Proportions