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AVNETNEWS Jan 31, 2016-

Lavoy FinnicumCloser examination of frame by frame reveals many details the regular observe could miss including myself upon first or second viewing..  The frame by frame and zoomed stills reveal many things such as the following that I observed as a video editor using advanced video editing software tools:

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Enhanced video frame by frame with eyewitness testimony of Bundy Finnicum FBI OSP LEO’s ambush murder on 1-26-2016


Angela Bundy Interview

Lavoy Finnicum

  1. No Probable Cause Violations of the Fourth Amendment..

The Bundy truck was threatened and shot at while pulled over and accosted for no probable cause when the LEO cruisers original pulled them over.  They sat in front of the FBI trucks without explaining what they were pulled over for. During that stop an FBI exited their cruiser, aimed and threatened the White truck for no probable cause, violating the Fourth Amendment constitutional protections of everyone in the Bundy’s White Truck.

  1. After the Bundy White truck sat and was not approached by any LEO;  rather, a LEO is observed exiting the LEO cruisers and aiming a rifle on the Bundy’s White truck with all occupants still in the vehicle.  No implication nor evidence was made or demonstrated that anyone in the Bundy’s White Truck made threats or brandished any weapon.
  2. The Bundy’s White Truck left the scene. Between this point in time and the next several minutes when they were ambushed at the road block LEO’s fired upon the Bundy’s White Truck where they shot out the rear window of the truck as demonstrated by the videos.  It is impossible given the angle that the rear window could have been shot at from the LEO’s at the road block.  Given the Bundy’s and occupants in the White Truck were threatened with loss of life, they were justified in taking evasive measures to escape; yet, they still did not threaten any LEO nor display any weapon at any time; however, may have been justified in doing so after LEO’s initiating firefight for no probable cause.
  3. The modus operandi of the LEO’s at this point become evident; they intended to provoke a firefight where the only verifiable viewing would be the overhead armed helicopter or drone, which was armed as the video later demonstrates.  The LEO’s fully intended to overpower the Bundy’s white truck and kill everyone in the truck.
  4. Further M.O is demonstrated of harm to Bundy’s by LEO’s by the release of the Hammond Ranch legal documents which demonstrate billions of dollars were at stake by documented evidence of Uranium deposits documented In documents dated `949 and others. See for download.


  1. The Hammond legal documents were discovered in the Resource center warehouse by the Militia. It is said one of  the Bundy group in the White Truck had just finished scanning and uploading the documents  to the internet  within hours before the Finnicum Bundy group left for the Grant County destination.
  2. By the time the Bundy’s White Truck reached the ambush site their rear windows were shot out.
  3. Lavoy veered off the road so as to miss hitting any LEO. Ryan Bundy and eyewitness testimony state he was shot at while trying to talk to the LEO’s after their truck was now severely disabled.  He nearly got shot in the head by a LEO when he stuck his head out briefly. Later videos show steam rising from the radiator, demonstrating the Bundy’s White Truck was shot at from the front side into the engine compartment and windshield.  The truck at this point was severely disabled.
  4. LEO’s blood lust by now is in high gear. Lavoy realized everyone in that truck was targeted for execution and murder.  Lavoy exited the truck as shown by the video hands in the air as a sign of surrender according to the Geneva convention if nations were at war; even though this dispute is not between nations the LEO’s refused to honor Lavoy’s sign of surrender as shown when they executed and murdered Lavoy while attempting to surrender.
  5. Victoria’s eyewitness testimony is now corroborated by the FBI’s video, that FBI’s ambush included hundreds of shots; intending to shoot to kill everyone in the truck.
  6. Ryan Bundy as a passenger in the Truck was wounded in the arm; at no time threatened anyone or exited the Truck. LEO’s had shot through the windows and doors as eyewitness states and Angela Bundy Interview corroborates.
  7. Lavoy Finnicum exited the Truck with purposeful intent to draw fire away from the truck. He knew the LEO’s demonstrated harmful intent to kill everyone in the Truck.
  8. Other experts state the likelihood Lavoy was Tasered before being shot several more times, which begs the question, if Lavoy was already Tasered and disabled, how could he have threatened anyone, neither did he show any threat or harmful intent to justify the Taser.
  9. The video shows a LEO turning his back to Lavoy and running immediately after what appears to have been Tasered.
  10. After having been Tasered Lavoy reaches  for his left side which makes sense since his left side faced the tasering LEO.  This happened quickly where it is unlikely much warning to surrender could have been given by the LEO’s.
  11. Lavoy’s hands remained above his head at all times. At this time LEO #2 shot Lavoy from his left side after just having been tasered  and disabled.  Again no warning or command to  surrender could have been given since Lavoy had already surrendered, neither does the video show a time occurred for any warning.
  12. Lavoy turned toward the White Truck again hands still in the air. After taking several steps LEO #3 ambushment charges out of the woods startling Lavoy, long gun already aimed at Lavoy. Before Lavoy could turn around fully LEO #3 charged out of the woods and shot him from approximately 10 feet away with an assault rifle.
  13. Lavoy’s lifeless murdered body remained on his side with his hands up in the air in surrender.
  14. Numerous LEO’s exited ambushments in the woods after Lavoy was dead, corroborating eyewitness accounts of the ambush as well as the modus operandi to ambush the Bundy group intending to provoke a full blown firefight, resulting I in another WACO style massacre.
  15. Video still shows blood and lasers appearing on Lavoy several minutes after he was dead on the ground, further corroborating eyewitness accounts that Lavoy was shot numerous times well after he was down. The eyewitness account that Lavoy was shot repeatedl y after he was on the ground is corroborated by enhanced video stills.
  16. Lavoy was shot in the face. No justification was present for shooting Lavoy who was surrendering, after having been tasered, for gunshots in his face.  To shot a dead man on the ground, hands remaining in the air in surrender even after death can only be the worse type of a sociopath or worse.
  17. Subsequent enhanced videos corroborate many lasers all over Lavoy and the Bundy’s white truck, continuing for several minutes. The LEO’s modus operandi on video demonstrates intent to massacre all individuals in the Bundy group.
Lavoy - Bundy FBI Ambush Video Frame By Frame
Lavoy – Bundy FBI Ambush Video Frame By Frame, Angela Bundy Interview
Lavoy – Bundy FBI Ambush Video Frame By Frame