Meetup Group [New] [Time and Date TBD – Sarasota, FL. ]


About Me

Information Technologies professional consultant with International Fortune 100 companies in Seattle, Portland and Silicon Valley with IT certifications. Majored in a Private University Seattle Computer Science and Broadcast Journalism, Deans list for Research – Writing skills.

Litigator ( I am not an attorney) have litigated in State, State Appellate,  State Supreme Court, Federal District and Federal Appellate courts.  Advocate of Family Restoration resulting from Family Law legal abuse and criminal courts.

Have proprietary methods for targeted publishing and marketing; published just short of 1 Million messages in the Florida 2016 political campaign.



Meetup Group [New] [Time and Date TBD – Sarasota, FL. ]

Independent journalists who find fake news repugnant, who find ourselves struggling financially, have ground floor opportunity in this meetup.  The editor-in-chief / technologist & former engineer in  Silicon Valley Fortune companies, will be sharing concepts based on proprietary technologies to get our message out to all 50 states and nearly any nation on the planet.

  • We will be sharing:
  • Publishing – daily, weekly and self-published ebooks.
  • Marketing
  • Web Technology practices primarily based on WordPress CMS
  • Funding concepts leveraging our conglomerate of constituents for a residual income –  innovative funding ideas for funding bringing in residual income.

You will need a current list of constituents to hit the ground running on this.

  • Broadcast –
    • Live Streaming,
    • Audio engineering live streaming,
    • Video production,
  • Social media,
  • Targeted marketing,
  • Public Records requests and FOIA
  • Legal concepts.
  • We talk about issues our mothers’ told us not to talk about –
    • Politics

Who we are.

We are conservatives who base our decisions on Scripture – especially the Torah.  We will be occasionally discussing prophetically significant signs of the times and what they mean for us here and now, providing practical information to make good decisions for our families and community,  based on the one True Living God – the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

This network requires a monthly dues for participation starting out $20.00 per month. In return you receive access to publish in our monthly newsletter subject to EIC approval, as well as ongoing access to our journalism resources.

We hope to be live streaming these meetups so these groups will not be geographically limited.

We intuit this concept may be a bit out of the box; however, who knows we may be the next Associated Press a year from now. We don’t have all the answers but we do have some…, that’s why this will be a networking group to share our stories and skillsets.

Looking forward to seeing your there!



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