Silver Email Marketing Build Your Business or Political Campaigns

Email Marketing Build Your Business or Political Campaigns.

AVNetmedia offers  email marketing web services for your product or service.  Whether small blasts of several hundred or 100,000 per week, our email marketing targets geographic or market sectors primarily in Florida or elsewhere.

Our Targeted email campaigns include:

1.   Political Campaigns

2.   Business to Business Florida, New York and West Coast

3.   Media Campaigns

We have email lists totaling approximately 750,000 and media lists including newspaper, radio and TV.

If you have lists for targeted messaging our servers can accommodate your lists for your custom messages also. We optimize messages for maximum SEO.


Trumpet 1 – $100 = One blast in a 1 week period of 10000 maximum per blast, total 10,000 per 2 weeks

Trumpet 2 – $150= Two  blasts in a 1 week period of 10000 maximum per blast, total 10,000 per 1 week.

Trumpet 3 – $200 = Three blasts in a 1 week period of 10000 maximum per blast total 10,000  per week.


Typical open rates range from 2 – 9% or more.  We do not guarantee open rates or sales; however, we help with effective SEO with well worded ad campaigns.

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Email Marketing Build Your Business or Political Campaigns


Email Marketing Build Your Business or Political Campaigns

AVNETMEDIA – As independent journalist marketers, publishers announces new email upgrades to our publishing marketing capabilities.

What Makes us Different?

AVNetmedia is set apart from our competition by our ability to create targeted lists per our customer requests. Typically our list size averages 5,000 to 10,000 we create in approximately 24 to 48 hours. Your requested list can include business, government, education based on geographic definitions as well.

We create targeted email campaigns to specific market sectors or geographic localities.

We have many lists already created so you can leverage our already created lists – ideal for business and political campaigns. Our unique ability includes approximatley 50,000 targeted Can-Spam compliant messages per day. Our messaging capabilities for publishing & marketing such needs as:

  • Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns, to your geographic or market sector.
  • Events such as concerts or Political campaigns
  • Political campaigns and activism
  • Books & Music Publishing
  • Website development for Business for Personal specializing in WordPress.
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise Products & Services for Business Needs

We own and support have approximately 10 websites that are built and configured to comply with CANSPAM laws, clean DNS, double opt-in lists and analytics constantly monitored no blacklists.

A sample of our approximately 1200 lists include:

  • Nationwide Major Media companies ~ 20,000
  • State Governments ~ all 50 state legislators 20,000
  • Veterans  – PTSD related
  • Veterinarians
  • Transportation – trucking, freight, auto sales.
  • Florida Business ~ 20,000
  • Florida political users lists approximately 600,000 statewide, divided by county.
  • West Coast Business & Media Companies ~ 12,000
  • Major Colleges and Universities nationwide – ~ 200,000.
  • We can accommodate your lists as well for targeted media campaigns. If you produce a list we can accommodate on our websites.
  • We verify all lists before sending.
  • We suggest an ongoing campaign of no less than one send per regular time frames for minimum 5 to 6 repetitions for weeks or months according to your needs.

Email Targeted Marketing Introductory offer!

For a limited time we offer the first 30 days at no cost. After the first 30 days you agree to a $30.00 per month with the following agreement:

The agreement includes message numbers as follows for a total of messages per week / per month described below. Our numbers are approximate given technical constraints and varying list sizes. We do not do a cost per message, we agree on a monthly basis.  


Gold $30.00  .

  • Approximately 40,000 per month / 10,000 week.
  • Weekly Analytics reports Total sent, unsent, opens, clicks.

Silver $20.00

  • Approximately 20,000 per month / 10,000 week.
  • Weekly Analytics reports Total sent, unsent, opens, clicks.

Contact us

  • Questions? Call or text Gary at 941-706-1555
  • Weekly Analytics reports Total sent, unsent, opens, clicks.


Also Visit our site at

About us

  • We are technology experts with approximately 50 years experience including engineering hardware , software development for numerous fortune corporate environments including Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Wells Fargo Bank, United Airlines and others. As a seasoned technology expert our skills span Fortune 50 information technologies to vacuum tubes and broadcast journalism. We are certified network engineers with Bachelors or advance degree equivalent.
  • We are published authors in technology, research and allegory.
  • Our ip addresses are of excellent reputation after years of tedious refining – equivalent to top fortune companies. This only comes after many years of persistence.
  • We specialize in WordPress web development. Our
  • Broadcast journalism includes research, edit and publication of fact based, verified news worthy information assisting decision makers in our society, nation and planet.
  • We include formal psychology education and training approximately 3000 hours.
  • We are human beings. We are not perfect.
Email Marketing Build Your Business or Political Campaigns

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