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We approach the Fourth of Four Lunar Tetrads on September 28, 2105.  This Lunar Tetrad or Four Blood Moons have only happened a few times in the last 2000 years occurring on Hebrew Feastdays according to NASA Lunar Tetrad:

  • Passover 2014
  • Feast of Tabernacles 2014
  • Passover 2015
  • Feast of Tabernacles 2015

This Fourth of Four Blood Moons includes events never having occurred in history!  This coming Fourth Blood Moon includes the intersection of these remarkable features:

  • Occurs over Jerusalem
  • Is a “Supermoon” where the moon is closest to the earth (Perigee)
  • Occurs on a Shemitah year – Jubilee where scripture declares economic reset – debts are wiped out …or possible judgement
  • NASA describes this historical event occurring only a few times in the last several thousand years on major historical events related to the Jewish people and Israel
  • NEO (NEAR EARTH OBJECTS NASA PROGRAM) are set to occur on July 7 and on or about Sept. 28 – o Oct 1, 2015 within several days according to NASA.  These are asteroids on a possible collision course with earth; however, because of variables associated with the Lunar Tetrad NASA is more uncertain of the time and distance of these two objects.

Also consider this science not hearsay

  • Pending WWIII looming with Russia, China and Mideast by many insiders
  • Economic collapse of the U.S Dollar transfer to China or the Far East
  • Geological Cataclysm upsurge in Earthquakes, Volcanoes – See NOAA  website

It is our responsibility to know the times and seasons, wiser than most, like the “Sons of Isaachar”

Learn the unique approach of “Four Blood Moons: Leaving Babylon” since it goes beyond inventions of mens squabbles about versions of the Bible, historical revision; instead, verified established cosmological principles of science, math, Hebrew Calendar information beyond the ability of men to manipulate to deceive:

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NOTE: July 25 is also the Ninth of AV – the day which the Hebrew Calendar marks as when both the First and Second Temples were sacked and destroyed in 587 B.C and 67 A.D.


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Four Blood Moons Leaving Babylon
Four Blood Moons Leaving Babylon


You can also sign up for specific lists:

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